About Us


Port Authority, Border Police, Financial Police, Maritime Health, Customs, Maritime Agencies, Shipowners, Terminal Operators, refineries, technical-nautical services, Chemical, cargo inspectors, supervisors and various port operators, since 1969 make use of services provided by Augusta Port Informer.
The Port Informer is h24 full knowledge of the port situation, that is the position of all ships in port, the estimated times of arrival, mooring, end of commercial operations, departure.
Each of these movements is stored electronically thus having the possibility to extrapolate detailed statistics of all kinds, relating to both movements is the variety of products imported and exported from the ports monitored by it.
The “Operation” of this portal is updated in real time thus providing its users with the movement forecasts and complete port situation, optimize and speed up the operations work and business processes, police and security, thus increasing the efficiency levels of ‘entire harbor.
The data that daily is being handled and stored are specifically are: ship name, flag, call sign, IMO number, MSSI, type ship, port of entry, length, width, net and gross tonnage, year of construction, operation detail commercial, ship owner, shipping agency, draft, port of origin port of destination.
This portal is able to generate comprehensive port situations on demand, for every day and for every hour from 2005 to date.
Our database contains in fact hundreds of thousands of registered movements with the relative archived ships cards and products handled.
The Weather section makes use of a unit equipped with sensors located above our station for the monitoring and recording of wind speed, wind direction, barometric pressure, humidity, temperature, precipitation.
Monitoring is continuous and such as to provide weather alerts to put knowledge terminal operators of sudden changes in the weather and sea conditions.
Our station is strategically located 20m s.l.m. and it provides us with the great view of the entire port of Augusta and south of the Breast of the Priolo and the Santa Panagia Bay.
Since 1969 the Port Informer Augusta continuously provides its service, so passionate, always aiming to technological innovation to improve the accuracy and timeliness of information provided always discreetly, impartial and unique.